Simplify Your Website

You need a website and don’t have time for the web-techy learning curve. We get totally get it. The birdhouse studio’s number one mission is to Build, Host, and Maintain your website in a way that even a monkey could understand. (Full disclosure, we do not currently host any monkey’s websites.)


We build using WordPress which drives down cost and enhances ease of use. How much does it cost to build your website? That all depends on your needs. Try our estimate calculator to get an idea.


Your website needs a home on the internet. We want to house it in a safe neighborhood on the web. Let’s make hosting your website should be the least of your worries so you can manage your content.


Once you have everything assembled and launched you will want o keep things updated and secure. Routine maintenance increases visibility, keeps your site safe, and grows your audience. 

Why Choose Birdhouse Studio

Videos are Cool!

The clients that choose the Birdhouse Studio want a simpler way to do the web. With our plans you can focus on your business, your blog, your content, and not the updates, security, hosting, and maintenance.

Why People Choose Us


We work one-on-one with each client to get their websites to where they need to be. All our work is done on a personal level.


Although we are a small business, we are backed by a nearly impenetrable security force.

Hands Free

All you need to to is provide the information and direction for the website and let us work the magic.


We are a small team not a huge company. You don’t have to sit on hold to get your problem solved. Contact us directly.


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